This section describes how to use the Dashboard, including updating data, generating reports, and exporting data.

Updating data

Reporting cycle

DPs are requested to provide the following data for each project:

  • Once per quarter: total disbursements in the previous quarter. Data should be provided within 15 days after the end of the quarter.
  • Once per year: forward disbursement projections (also known as MTEF Projections) by quarter for the next fiscal year, and by year for the subsequent two fiscal years.
Date Required data
January 15th Disbursement data for Q4 of the previous FY (October-December).
April 15th Disbursement data for Q1 of this FY (January-March).
July 15th Disbursement data for Q2 of this FY (April-June).
August 15th Forward disbursement projections
For the next FY (beginning January), broken down by quarter.
For the subsequent two FYs, broken down by year.
October 15th Disbursement data for Q3 of this FY (July-September).

Reports and exports

Standard reports

A number of standard reports are automatically updated as the data is updated throughout the system:

  • On the home page:
    • disbursements, projected disbursements, and new commitments by sector (you can select for a specific Fiscal Year)
    • change by sector over time (you can select to see this by disbursements, projected disbursements, or new commitments)
    • commitments and disbursements by sector and source to date
  • On the reports drop-down (from the menu at the top of the page):

You may not have access to all of these reports.

Exporting data

There are a couple of ways of exporting data from the system.

  1. If you want to generate an export of all activities, you can do so on the Export data tab:
    • Export data in Excel Format will export data according to AMCU's existing Excel format.
    • Download detailed AMCU financial transactions data for analysis provides a more detailed and advanced format, useful for time-series analysis.
    • Download integrated dataset of AMCU and PSIP projects follows the same format as the AMCU Excel format, but includes also PSIP projects.
  2. If you want to generate an export of a subsection of activities, you can filter for activities on the Activities tab and then click Export selection to Excel.